Brazil is Agro. Brazil is Tobacco. And Brazil has Tabacum! The highest quality cut rag tobacco producer on the market!

Brazil is an important worldwide player in the Agro market and the international reference as the largest producer and exporter of tobacco in the world. Most importantly, Brazil is also recognized as the global leader for the highest smoking quality of its Tobacco.

Strategically located in the center of the best tobacco plantations in the South of Brazil, Tabacum is one of the largest independent cut rag processing factories worldwide.

The basis of our product is Brazilian Tobacco. The global standard for nearly all top-selling cigarette brands.

We operate in an area of more than 37 thousand square meters, with the highest technology and more than 30 years of expertise in the worldwide tobacco market.

Most importantly, our Brazilian labor force was born and raised in a tobacco industry culture. Their individual hands on day to day care of the cut rag production is a major factor to guarantee customer's satisfaction.

All these factors contribute to Tabacum being able to offer the highest filling capacity and the lowest tobacco consumption per master case of cigarettes. This allows your cigarette maker machinery to operate at the highest rates of production to reduce rejection. Overall, you will have less tobacco consumption in your cigarette production.

The core of all successful multinational cigarette blends today throughout the world is Brazilian Tobacco. Your future success will have assured results, following what repeatedly has been proven to be the preference by smokers worldwide.

Tabacum's<br>industry complex.
industry complex.