American and Virginia Blends

As it is located in the main tobacco production center in the South of Brazil, Tabacum's cut rag is based on Brazilian Tobacco. Our location allows full verticalization of production, from the farmer to the final cut rag in the box.

With fully tailored blends, the cut rag tobacco manufactured by Tabacum has no DIET and maintains the natural tobacco flavor, resulting in a wide portfolio of high-quality blends with filling capacity equal to or greater to DIET based blends.

Whether Virginia or American style blends, Tabacum's focus is on cooperation with customers to develop custom blends for their market.

Roll Your Own (RYO) and Make Your Own (MYO) Blends

Prepared with the best selection of Brazilian Tobacco blends, Tabacum offers Roll Your Own (RYO) and Make Your Own (MYO), customized according to the need of your market. The finest quality cut with the high-quality smoking taste of natural Brazilian Tobacco!

Expanded Stems (CRES)

Tabacum has excellent Expanded Stems (CRES) capacity to produce a high-quality finished product.


Blended Strips

For companies that have their own primary process, Tabacum supplies Virginia or Burley Strip grades to meet any specification. Blended Strip is also a specialty of Tabacum due to its blending expertise. For those customers who need limited quantities of a specialized blend, Tabacum can develop a Blended Range (Virginia-Burley-Oriental) for their primary and supplement it with Expanded Stems as needed.